This was just 8 weeks.

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WOW. Never knew I would be writing THIS kind of post. I DID IT! Stuck with a program, grew a healthy relationship with food and just made it my lifestyle. What made this so different from before? Well, I’ve hit rock bottom especially mentally and physically. (I was diagnosed of GAD) Basically MAJOR ANXIETY. Thank God no depression, but anxiety I’ve dealt for years & just got worse when I was working in a highly stressful environment and then got pregnant. After giving birth and all the stress/Anxiety I was having, I devoted to making a change and to go back to one of the things I love… fitness, I just did it. every single day. I made healthier choices on food, I did my best on sticking to schedule & feels so good! The first week was not so hard–being motivated and all. its the 2nd week that was, when you don’t have motivation, missing old habits & this new thing was sinking in (change) & was uncomfortable.

Before, I was just doing it…for years. I found ways, I cant believe all the reasons I had gave myself and people–all the excuses. ummm, I did workouts at 10 pm after putting my son to sleep, while doing the laundry, while waiting for food to be cooked (meal prepping)..this time, not only did I do it, but I did it right. I cant even believe this was just 8 weeks. ridiculous! Still a far way to go to where I want to be BUT 6 inches off, and 15 lbs. lost, I am healthier, stronger & happier.

I was once told that since I’m a mommy now, stretch marks and my belly would stay forever. so negative right away…but I’m a different kind of mom. I want to be past the ‘norm’ & people’s limitations. I did doubt myself, yes! there were struggles with taking care of my son but having a supportive and loving husband. He was the one that pushed me, believed in me and helped me along the way. could’ve not done it without him.

I will continue in making myself a priority, after all, its a lifestyle…and there is nothing wrong about it. If I don’t love and take care of me, then how will i supposed to take care of my family or other people?

I hope this serves as a reminder that with hard work and hustle, YOU CAN MAKE IT. whatever it is that your heart and mind are set to, your passion, your goals…as long as you do whatever it takes to achieve it…even if its baby steps…at one point, you’ll get there right? the key is consistency and of course make sure you are progressing!


Cheers to NOW, to the future! <3 (see my 8 week progress below)




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