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Hello guys!

My package finally arrived from Colourpop and so excited to play with these! I’m such a fan of Disney, eversince I was like 1 year old…you know, every year going to Disney…lol and ofcourse, self proclaimed makeup junkie. So when I saw that Colourpop released a collab, I HAD TO. plus you know, I have been a fan of the brand.

I’m Giving you my first impressions and swatches below then later on, once I get to play around with it and test it out even more, I will do a tutorial and/or in-depth review about the ones that I got. 🙂

** These are still in stock at the moment!



So I got the palette and 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss. The super shock individual eyeshadow colours didn’t really attract me that much & I was thinking of versatility hence, the palette.

As for the lipsticks, besides me being sucked into the packaging, my fave princesses has always been Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel. (However only Belle and Cinderella had inspired lippies) and its amazing because the shades are MY friggin JAM!!! Great everyday shades. The lipgloss, same thing. Nice everyday pinky/mauvey shade. Haven’t tried any of Colourpop’s lipglosses so this is the perfect time to do so 🙂

see my quick fast impressions of each below:

    It’s a Princess thing Palette: romantic eyeshadows with glam ($20)

PACKAGING: 9/10 I wish they had a mirror. It’s chic, simple and small enough to bring when traveling. Love the concept of it however, instead of redundancy of the names of the eyeshadows on the back, (cause its already placed beneath eyeshadows) they could’ve replaced it with the princesses’ signatures and then a mirror on the top cover instead. otherwise, all is good!

PIGMENTATION: Consists of Matte, (top row): 8/10, a bit of fall out, 1st one was a bit chalky (the rest are good) but doesn’t bother me, 1 swatch was good enough to show up.

metallic (2nd row): 10/10. amazing quality, very princess-ey like, range of mettalic neutrals. amazing! 1 swatch was good enough to show up.

matte & metallic some with glitter (3rd row): 10/10 amazing quality, glitter no fallout.

RANGE OF COLOUR: they really reflect Disney character names and the overall feel to it. You can make so much looks with The variety of colours that they carefully placed in the palette. Honestly perfect for Fall and winter looks 🙂

Ultra glossy lip: BOO ($6)


PACKAGING: I really like the Gold packaging and you can see the warm rosey colour of the gloss right away instead of flipping it over looking at the name.

PIGMENTATION: 8/10. Has a high Gloss like shine. 2 coats to be opaque but its meant to be a sheer tint.

STICKY-NESS: minimal to none, lightweight

ODOR/TASTE : no sw nor taste. I kinda wish this had a slight hint of smell like vanilla. Feels like I have vaseline on. lol but all is good. I’d rather it to be that than overpowering taste and smell.


Creme lux lipstick ($7) each

LEFT: Belle (creamy matte, rosey berry)

RIGHT: Cinderella (creamy matte, true blue pink)

PACKAGING: 10/10. What chic packaging. I loveee it! its compact, tight, elegant and simple–embossed with the princesses’ signatures

ODOR: slight hint of vanilla.

PIGMENTATION: so pigmented & creamy! (10/10)







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