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Oct 2018 I finally decided that I will be focused on you Full time. I’m not gonna lie, prior to that decision, It gave me so much anxiety and didn’t know what the RIGHT decision would it be for you, for me and for for our family.

After seeing day care centres, countless prayers,  you having allergies, & your health history…basically weighing all the pros and cons of both sides, my GUT still told me to stay and focus on you. I had to let go of a lot of things…my ego, money, confidence etc… for someone who is a go getter, loved achieving goals & working (not my employer though), It was difficult for me— this is a BIG change and a complete turnaround of my lifestyle.

Money will come, a job will show up when its the time but me being a housewife/full time momma will definitely challenge me in so many ways. sometimes being so free with time, no one really controlling you and not having a boss to report to can lead to destruction sometimes.

One of the things I am very happy about is NOT ONLY do I get to focus on you but also myself. My dreams, my goals and finally be free in doing the things I love the most— things that feed my soul, which in turn, happier & healthier me. A happier, healthier me will then be fed off to my family. All these years, I have been praying, and especially now when it led to this..and I just trust him you know?

Money can be a tad tight BUT the JOY as to where I am at the moment..QT with you & your dad, doing things I love…MAN, best decision I have made so far! so weird but I feel so contented and so happy right now. (Thank God, cause I thought of the worst)

Cheers to new beginnings, having that leap of faith & being able to conquer fear day by day.








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