Brand Spotlight: La-Roche Posay

Posted February 27, 2021 by Denise in Beauty / 0 Comments

  1. Lipikar Anti-itching soothing balm

The MAIN reason why I got into the brand was because of this babe. I was new to motherhood & was in a lot of mommy groups on FB. When my son was having bad flareup eczema, rashes & allergies, this was the one was that was recommended the most. Although I haven’t really spend much money on lotion, I gave it a shot & this has been our HG product all year round! I’ve gone through numerous tubes of these over the past 3 years. It soothes and calms, no oily film, rich but not heavy, doesn’t leave a greasy finish, can be used for face and body, fragrance free and best of all, its suitable for sensitive skin and newborn, babies, children and adults! a 10/10 for me.

2. Anthelios Mineral Sunscreen (Tinted)

Another 10/10 product for me, this sunscreen will be used for many years until I find another amazing one. I have very sensitive, acne prone oily skin and this goes well with me! It’s great without makeup and great underneath makeup as well. It’s non-comedogenic, oil free, awesome ingredients , fragrance free & suitable for sensitive skin. It’s so light that I don’t even feel I have sunscreen on. Awesome, awesome awesome!

3. Lipikar Xerand hand repair cream

Just like the Anti-itching balm, this is suitable mainly for very dry and irritated hands. It moisturizing and repairing components make my hands look so good and healthy in this dead cold winter and over washing. The price is pretty good too. About $10 for 50ml & They occasionally have it on buy1 get 1. Just like what I did, I got it for $5 each. Although I love it, I am not a fan much of the scent. although its subtle, it bothers me a bit so i’m gonna give it a 9/10. But overall, this has been one of the best hand creams I’ve tried!

4. Vitamin C + Salicylic acid

Love this vitamin c! A hefty price tag ($59 cad) but so worth it. I just wish that the bottle was dark and not clear so to not speed up the oxidation. I have to specifically hide it in a dark place and away from sunlight to prevent it from breaking down fast. This was the main product that helped with my dark spots, strengthening my skin’s barrier, protecting & the brightening my skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, this is an awesome product if you want to start with Vitamin C. The best thing too is that you can find it any drugstore! A 9/10 for me 🙂

and those are my most loved products from LA ROCHE-POSAY!

Till the next brand spotlight,


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